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Prophecy calendar for to -- recent past and. Dan Costian's 'Bible Enlightened' best describes the Age of. Scorpio In The Bible.

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Bible Study. Truth about the anti-christ, and the age of Aquarius. When does the Age of Aquarius begin? Human World EarthSky. Sumerian Astrology, the Oldest Astrology in the. Magi, Wise Men, or Kings? It's Compli Christian. The Ages. Astrological Ages, are in the Bible Jesus was born in the.

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Capricorn In The Bible. Sun in zodiac constellations, Astronomy Essentials. Genesis of Genesis" explaining the ages of the. What is the occult?

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GotQuestions org. Astrology And The Bible Code. And what do we find? The cultures on the planet during this time worshipping the Sun, the ruler of the fire sign Leo, almost as a way of saying thanks for melting all that damn ice! Sun-Gods abound, populations rise in many parts of the world, minimal farming begins to birth as climates get warmer and wetter and herds of large animals become scarcer.

This is also known as the Mesolithic period, or Stone Age. Now we have just made a shift from the fire sign Leo to the water sign Cancer, and what happens?

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Around B. The floods drowned out Sun-worship, which was replaced by Moon-worship as many cultures became aware of how the Moon affected the rising and falling of the water: the tides.

The sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon and associated with the archetype of the Great Mother, which deals with the womb, bearing, birthing, nurturing, protecting, and domestic life. Speaking of which, during this time animals began to be domesticated. To be sure, this was a matriarchal period, which is evinced in many artifacts dating to this time period with exclusive depictions of the feminine figure.

Many figurines found show breasts, incised vulvas and heavy hips, and are sometimes enthroned and guarded by lions or cats Age of Leo reference. The great motif of the Age was the womb and tomb, both of which symbolize the vagina of Mother Earth, who gives birth and takes back into herself the bodies of her children. During this time, burial rites developed in which corpses were buried in the fetal position, and many anthropologists believe that men probably did not realize their role in procreation, so when babies popped out of women they trembled in awe of the feminine.

The Great Mother seemed to possess an incredible power, and in this sense, She was terrifying and not some Betty Crocker! Current evidence points to the idea that during this time, a group soul level of consciousness was dominant, with very little individual ego-consciousness actualized. Therefore, tribalism became the dominant mode of consciousness. The sign of Cancer symbolizes our tribal origins: our family.

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I sense that even today, much of our unconscious fear of the dark and death is connected to the fear of the Great Mother, who symbolizes here a regressive loss of ego-consciousness and a merging back with the tribe. We have forgotten that we are the eyes, voice, heart, and body of Gaia herself; we are part of Her soul, as we are all part of Her.

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Like it or not, we all pass from the tomb of the womb, back to the womb of the tomb! Towards the end of this Age came the domestication of the horse and wild cattle, the invention of the wheel and weaving, and some of the first known examples of metal working.

These new technologies began to liberate humanity from the basic survival needs of food, water, shelter, and reproduction. No longer solely at the mercy of Mother Nature, new choices were born and intellectual development began to birth a new myth out of the Great Mother…. During this Age, human beings began to develop their intellects.

Most of this Age, however, still remains prehistoric, so we can only speculate how progress was made in that regard. That being said, there is certainty that by the end of this Age writing appeared, first in crude pictographs, and finally in formalized cuneiform on tablets in Sumeria and hieroglyphs in Egypt.

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We also find a similar trail of development in India and China. If writing developed toward the latter half of the Age, then we can safely assume that languages developed by leaps and bounds throughout the Age itself — all of which fall under the province of the Mercury ruled sign, Gemini. The world during this Age seemed to flourish with all things associated with the archetype of Gemini; communications, language development, intellectual development, but also — and perhaps most importantly — the duality of opposites.

Once the intellect of humanity began to evolve out of the more instinctual level of consciousness — the Age of Cancer — then humans began to perceive reality via the separation of subject and object and, by extension, duality. As a sense of duality began to permeate the collective consciousness of the planet, new images of dual-god forms spontaneously emerged. In addition, as languages developed, so did oral traditions.

It is believed that though the first books of the Old Testament were not written down until around B. The Garden of Eden itself is a myth that illustrates the perception of reality that is invoked when we take the first steps towards independent consciousness via the power of choice and the development of the mind. So the two Trees themselves form the duality of Life and Death, while Adam and Eve bring the duality of masculine and feminine. Naming things is also a function of Gemini, and coincidentally a task that was given to Adam and Eve. This myth is just full of Geminian juice!

The myth symbolizes that with greater awareness comes choice and consequence, while encapsulating duality in many forms.

I will visit this myth again in the Age of Aquarius….. Paradoxically, one other duality that begins to form with the development of the intellect is the rational and irrational. We could also stretch this to encompass the literal and symbolic.